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Current Positions

  • Chief Financial Officer
    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Chief Financial Officer to oversee our financial area and provide executive leadership. You will be responsible for planning and forecasting the overall financial vision for the TrueScripts to ensure productive financial systems. You will guide adequate staffing, physical structure changes, and building projects to effectively drive growth for the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. This position includes the oversight of accounting, budgeting, auditing, internal controls, and sound business practices, as well as directing staff to fulfill this vision. Your goal will be to ensure the company utilizes its resources efficiently and complies with all governmental financial regulations.

  • The Corporate Counsel is responsible for coordinating TrueScripts’ compliance activities and initiatives across the company by implementing and maintaining an approved regulatory and legislative compliance plan and effective internal controls.

  • The BI Developer is responsible for analysis, problem solving, and implementation relating to data import, data export, and modeling as well as monitoring and debugging data issues.

  • The Quality Assurance Manager is tasked with defining and promoting a quality mindset across our entire company. This role is responsible for managing all Quality Assurance functions, working with cross-departmental leadership to deliver the best in class processes. The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining a quality system to ensure all personnel, processes, and procedures conform to both internal guidelines and regulatory standards.

If you are an “A Player” looking for a new challenge, a fulfilling career, and a family-based values company, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Application Submission

Please click on the “Click Here to Apply” link above.  You will be directed to a survey and will be prompted to upload your resume upon conclusion.

Company Overview

TrueScripts is a Prescription Benefits Management (PBM) company. We manage prescription plans for self-insured businesses. We are often called the “middle man” between a company and the pharmacy. We process prescription claims on behalf of our clients and then pay the pharmacy for their services.

A potential candidate’s personal values must match our TrueScripts business core values of IntegrityRespectInnovation and an inherent trait to always provide a high level of Service. This match in value systems is critical for our team chemistry and continued success. Our culture is positive in nature and our people possess a ‘can do’, proactive attitude – staying out in front of the curve so that we can best advise our clients of the ever-changing world in prescription management. If you don’t like change, we probably aren’t for you. We are on a constant quest for how we can better ourselves – personally and professionally.

TrueScripts employees not only want to communicate with our clients and their members, but truly listen with an empathic ear so we can process their needs to best find the solution for them quickly. We value each of our clients and always desire to have them be part of the TrueScripts team working together for a win-win relationship.

Below is our mission.  Does this sound like something you can get behind and help us promote and live daily?

Our mission is to build lasting partnerships. We provide prescription benefit management expertise at a personal and customized level to ensure optimum value at the lowest possible costs.

Honesty and transparency are the foundation that we build upon. What sets us apart from our competitors is the programs that we bring, education that we provide, and the utmost respect for clients and their members to assist them when and where needed. If you have the same beliefs and desires, we invite you to view the job description link above.


TrueScripts hires only “A Player” performers. We strive to be the employer of choice and our comprehensive and competitive compensation package is one of the reasons we achieve this. Our core benefits for full time employees include:

  • Above competitive salary compensation
  • Great healthcare coverage at low cost to our employees
  • 9 Paid Holidays
  • PTO and flexible hours
  • 6% @ 100% 401k match PLUS Profit Share
  • “TrueShares” employee bonus program – average 15% of Salary